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Residential RadonIf you are a homeowner living in Utah you may be at risk of prolonged exposure to radon, a known carcinogen, which can lead to lung cancer. Don’t worry, there isn’t any need to panic about this situation. Yes, it is potentially dangerous, but it is also easily fixable. Over the past 13 years we have successfully reduced the concentrated levels of radon in homes throughout Utah.

Residential radon mitigation is accomplished through a series of systematic steps, each of which have been designed to identify radon intrusion along with its elimination or a reduction in present levels of this radioactive gas.

How Radon Enters Your Home. Since radon is potentially harmful and can lead to the occurrence of lung cancer, it is essential that homeowners understand how radon enters their homes. All rocks contain some level of uranium. This naturally occurring gas is present in many locations across the country with varying levels of concentration. Homes in Salt Lake and surrounding areas are especially prone to maintaining high levels of radioactive radon gas, leading to the need for residential radon mitigation service.

Radon is formed when the uranium contained in rocks breaks down. Eventually, the radon finds its way up to the surface of the earth, following along cracks and faults in the grounds formation. If the radon surfaces on open ground, then it disperses into the atmosphere, where it presents no immediate threat. When this harmful radioactive gas surfaces beneath the structure of a home it forces its way into the home. The difference in air pressure between the home and the ground beneath is partially responsible for the radon entering the home. In fact, the radioactive radon gas is practically sucked through the fissures of the foundation and below-ground walls right into the home.

Unfortunately for the owners of private wells, radon could also be entering your home through your well-water supply. Cracks in the well’s structure as well as in the rocks or ground surrounding the water supply can allow radon gas to contaminate the water supply presenting a health risks to Utah residents. This naturally occurring, radioactive gas should be removed from homes through a process known as remediation or mitigation.